September 20, 2019

Balance Exercise
Types of Exercise

Improving your balance can help prevent falls – and a potentially devastating injury. As we age, the systems that regulate our sense of balance begin to break down. Exercises to improve and train your balance can help prevent or slow these losses. Examples of balance exercises include yoga and tai chi. It may also be helpful to choose exercises that strengthen your leg muscles, such as squats or leg lifts, to help prevent falls.

By standing behind a chair with your feet shoulder width apart. Instead of stretching one of the legs, say the right leg, backward, you should lift it to the side. Make sure you are standing up straight, head and toes facing forward. Raise one foot off the ground, bringing your leg up and out and hold for a second or two and then bring back down to the floor. Repeat with the other leg, alternating this process five times on each side.

Begin by standing in front of a seat. Your legs should be hip-width apart. Ensure that your chest is raised slightly and then try lowering your hips back and down while bending at the knees. You are free to hover above the chair or simply sit down.Remain in this position where your entire body is leaning forward, starting from the hip region. Try pausing at the bottom of this movement then push through your feet before resuming your original position.

To start, stand upright; our feet ought to be hip-width apart. To gain balance during the first few minutes, you can place your hands on the sides. Next, you’re required to lift both of your heels so that you’ll only be balancing on the balls of your feet. Try lowering yourself back to the ground gently, and then repeat the process for at least ten times. This exercise can also be performed in a chair wherever you are.

You should begin by standing at an arm’s length in front of a wall. Next, lean frontward gently and try placing your palms on the wall. You’ll need to keep your feet firmly on the surface as you attempt to bring your body towards the wall. Next, push yourself backward up to that point where your arms are stretched out straight. Perform this exercise about 15 to 20 times.

Start by standing behind a seat. The next step entails lifting your right leg straight backwards. When doing this, try your best not to bend the knees. Remain in this position for a couple of seconds before returning your leg back down. Do the same for the other leg. The recommended frequency for this physical activity is fifteen times for each leg.

6.Flamingo Stand

you can stand on one leg for 10 to 15 seconds then try repeating this for about five times before moving to the other leg. Although simple, this exercise should also be supervised. It ensures that you’re maintain